Rosie & Milo Stickers

Rosie Does Buffalo is the Instagram account my wife and I run for our dog Rosie and Milo. It started as an idea just to have all of Rosie’s life photos in one place when our previous dog, Molly passed away. It’s kind of grown into a life of its own with all of the other dog accounts in Buffalo and beyond.

Through the Instagram page we’ve been able to connect with other dog owners for anything from food advice, to training advice, to just plain old funny dog videos. If you get a chance, give Rosie a follow at rosie_does_buffalo!


Personal Project

Fun Fact

Rosie was adopted from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. The City of Buffalo Animal Shelter provides our community with many services. It gives injured, abused, lost, and abandoned animals food, care, shelter, and comfort before finding loving and responsible homes for them. If you are in the market for a new pet, please consider adopting over shopping!